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Cotton Top Tamarin Monkey

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Cotton-top tamarin / Lisztaffe / Saguinus oedipus
Conservation status: CR - Critically Endangered

Habitants from the northwestern forested area in Colombia, these tiny primates leap from tree to tree foraging insects, sap, nectar & a diversity of fruits. They play an essential role in the tropical ecosystem, they are highly social and travel in large family groups.

Unfortunately, this critically endangered monkey's survival is threatened by extensive forest destruction due to cattle ranching, human infrastructure and urban expansion. No less worrying is their capture for the illegal pet trade.


Single 4mm & Triple 4mm: 64 silk threads, metallic embroidery thread, gold-filled tubes, waxed cord.
Single 8mm: 120 silk threads, metallic embroidery thread, black coated beads, waxed cord. (can be delivered with gold-filled tubes under request.


To ensure long-lasting and bright colours, we recommend washing your armband only by hand, using a delicate detergent. Use a towel to soak up water and let it dry flat.